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At Uptempo Design we provide a wide range of bags that can be custom screen printed or embroidered.

Uptempo design are happy to offer the service of screenprinting onto bags and backpacks here in perth. We have screenprinted bags for sports clubs, promo events and schools. We can also screen print the logo on a position suitable to match the design of the bag.

We can customise the bag with a personal name or initials and with a digital or screen printed logo of your choice. Embroidery can also be an option for your logo onto a backpack or bag of choice.

Uptempo design offer advice on which bag or backpack will suit your budget and or event. Our bag and backpack range can come in many different colours to co-ordinate your choice of sports club, uniform and logo. Size of the logo screen printed or embroidered is limited to the restrictions of the item.

We do recommend calico or non woven bags for promotional items if you are looking for a cheaper option! We can print on many types of bags including:

  • satchel

  • hessian

  • calico

  • poplin

  • cooler

  • sports

  • non-woven

  • backpacks

Feel free to have a look at our suppliers and view our wide range of bags to suit your requirements. You can also provide your own bags if you wish. We can also print full colour digital logos onto bags.

Uptempo aims to be competitively priced while also giving you the best quality print. Please feel free to contact us through our order form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


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