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Want to add flair to your company’s apparel?

Present your brand at corporate events with a flair of professionalism, or customize your own shirts. Uptempo will help you to bring out smart-casual and a touch of class on any apparel.

What is Embroidery?
Shirt embroidery adds sophistication with its three-dimensional feel by threading your design onto the apparel. The design could be a logo, name or image that will be digitized, approved and run through our high-tech, high-precision machines. The result of intricately stitching over repeatedly within a small space creates a bold and highly detailed artwork on your apparel. It also reflects light distinctively to boldly brand your design with a classic and prestigious appeal.

Why Embroider with Us?
– Quality that Lasts Uptempo produces designs with unmatched precision and quality that lasts. Perfect for workwear or business items, we use sophisticated machines customizable in stitch count, Pantone colours and number of trims to ensure we meet the demands of your design or brand guidelines with utmost durability. We carry out quality assurance checks on all our products. Our designs usually last as long as or even longer than the apparel itself.

– Designs that Stand Out – Uptempo’s outcomes are sharp and clean in definition. We work with a variety of fonts and also do badges, fabric panels, and 3D puffed. With our in-house designers, we have mastered the perfect combination between colors and fabric textures. We provide creative advice on size, colours, method, stitch-count, and design to ensure the best outcome of your design.

– Cost-effective Creative Solutions – As an expert in tailoring to custom needs, we do not charge any set-up fees unlike most vendors. Instead, we responsively and responsibly work closely with you in understanding your requirements. Ultimately, our prices are dependent on the size, quantity and stitch count of your design. In cases where embroidery is not recommended, we’d happily offer suitable alternative solutions.

What Merchandise Can I Print on?
From the classic polo tees to stylish caps, Uptempo embroiders a wide range of apparel including towels, uniforms, jackets and hi-viz workwear. Pick from our high-quality and reliable list of suppliers or bring your own items in.

How Can You Get Started?
We’re excited to get started on your project! Do you already have a design and apparel in mind? If so, check out our requirements in our FAQs and send us a copy of your artwork. If you need help with designing, our in-house experts can help you to achieve what you’re looking for at a reasonable cost. To get the ball rolling, simply drop us an email and you’re on your way to your distinctly unique branded merchandise!

Did you Know?
If you are deliberating between going with printing or embroidery, this might help you decide. Here are some tips on what to consider.

– Style – Embroidery complements the smart-casual look best. If you are looking to brand business shirts or polo tees for frequent corporate wear, it works better in creating a swanky professional look in comparison to the large runs of promotional giveaways branded by printing. In contrast, the softer handle of printing is great for lightweight tee shirts as it might cause some wrinkles and puckering with its heavy threading.

– Artwork Size – Due to the intricate stitches and fine detail, it is mostly used for small artwork designs such as names or logos. As the cost is dependant on the number of stitches and size of the artwork, bigger designs are usually not recommended. If you are looking to create apparel with large multi-coloured and eye-catching designs, custom screen printing might be the way to go.

– Design Factors – There are some limitations when it comes to design. It is not advised for artwork that has gradients, distressed graphics or photographic images. Texts that are too small or with lines that are too thin would also be digitized to produce non-ideal outcomes. We thus recommend a minimum line thickness of 0.05 inches for your artwork.

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